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We are a modern Medical Clinic

Laad Hospital is one of the leading and reputed places located in Solapur district. I am Dr. Nitin Laad, an MBBS by profession. Since my father and grandfather were Ayurvedic doctors, I always have a keen interest in medical science and providing care and healing to the people who need them the most.

My Grandfather; being an Ayurvedic doctor had prepared a medicine for the treatment of a migraine more than 80 years before. Since then we have been using this medicine in our hospital to cure patients who are suffering from a migraine and need a healing. I have completed my MBBS from Pune University. Since 20 years I'm doing general practice in Treating ALOPECIA - MIGRAINE Patients.

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Vaidya Hiralal Laad

Vaidya Hiralal Laad

Dr.Jagdish Laad

Dr. Jagdhish Laad

Dr. Neten Laad

Dr. Neten Laad, MBBS, Specialist in Migraine and Alopecia Treatment in India