Migraine Treatment

Ensure successful eradication of Migraine with Dr. Laad’s Clinic

People often think that a migraine is a disease that never leaves a person. The excruciating pain associated with every attack becomes really intolerable with time. Everyone thinks that a migraine is a lifetime disease that has to be carried with utmost discomfort and pain that ruins the social life. It was a myth and has been repeatedly proven wrong in our dedicated hospital for Migraine Treatment in Pune.

Welcome to Dr. Laad’s Clinic, the leading centre for Migraine Treatment in India, to avail the most-recommended migraine treatment. The majority of the cases get cured permanently. In fact, every patient profile witnesses great result from the very beginning of the treatment. The relief from the relentless pain boosts the lifestyle of the patients. They start to lead their life in a normal way. In some rare occurrences, the pain resumes after a long time spanning 3 to 5 years after the first regime of migraine treatment.

We have been providing the absolute treatment in this aspect for a long time. Our success rate is what makes us so popular in the current scenario.

Learning about migraines

Migraine Treatment requires proper education for the patients. There are few situations and factors that can trigger an attack. Not all hospitals or medical stores provide proper information in order to educate the patients regarding the pain and other symptoms.

The things that normally trigger an attack are mentioned below.

  • Any kind of allergies that can trigger a pain.
  • Sudden exposure to bright or flickering lights, very loud noises, intense smell or smoky congested room can trigger a migraine attack. The list depicts that when the sense organs are exposed to a strong stimulus, the brain cannot adjust the pressure and an attack occurs. In fact, sudden temperature change while entering a cold air-conditioned room can trigger a migraine. In some chronic cases, exposure to pungent perfumes can also irritate the olfactory senses which trigger an attack. This is why a patient is recommended to stay away from bright light or any kind of strong stimulus that can affect the sense organs causing a migraine.
  • The contemporary lifestyle is the main culprit behind this ailment. Even if the medicines and other treatment procedures can be very effective, the lifestyle choices delay the process considerably. A patient needs to take rest every day and maintain a proper sleep schedule. Improper sleep patterns will not allow the brain to take rest and the pain might linger for a long time.
  • Emotional stress is a big factor in this case. Stress, anxiety, depression in coordination with physical stress and fatigue can cause a migraine. Sudden excitement also leads to a migraine.
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse can also trigger a migraine. In fact, the research shows that those who smoke or consume alcohol, they take more time to heal than normal patients.
  • Skipping meals and irregular diet is very harmful to a migraine patient. The abrupt changes in meal times can worsen the situation.
  • Menstrual abnormalities and other hormonal disorders can be the reasons behind it.
  • There are certain foods that trigger a migraine. A proper physician will surely provide the right insight regarding the kind of food to be consumed and what should be discarded.

  • What do we offer?

    Due to unusual lifestyle, stress, improper food habits, and various other reasons, migraine has become very common among the contemporary population. Most of the patients are women in this case. On the contrary, there is a significant increase in the number of male patients in our centre for Migraine Treatment in Pune. In fact, a prolonged occurrence of migraine can also lead to other types of ailments.

    We are here to understand the reasons lying underneath the problem and provide the right Migraine Treatment a patient needs. The only way to ensure proper cure is to find and eradicate the cause. The team under the supervision of Dr. Nitin Laad is excellently efficient to provide proper treatment to a migraine patient by researching the profile and studying the lifestyle. The effective treatment will bring assured result within a week of its commencement. In the chronic cases, the treatment takes more time to act. With the support of the patient, we are more than capable of providing relief from the intolerable pain. Life will be smoother and joyful again with Laad Hospital.